Great Quality and Value

Nature Paint Nigeria Limited is a premier class paint manufacturing company, incorporated in Nigeria with foreign affiliates. our head office is in Lagos Nigeria. We produce some of the finest rang of decorative paints that can be found anywhere in the world.

Nature paint is arguably the fastest growing paint company in Nigeria today and we use the most modern paint manufacturing technology in the industry. Our strength is in our ability to customize our products to suit the specific needs of our customers.

Our customized tinting technology can produce over 2000 different colours and can match any colour with 99.9% accuracy. Once we have your colour in our data bank we can always replicate it with invisible variations, year on year.

Our quality is second to none, we can match any colour, we can surpass any standard.

Our Vision

To change the way Nigerians paint.

Our Mission

To bring painting close to every home, not just as a coating for new buildings, but as part of regular furnishing and decorations.